Dedicated software solutions, raging from microservices to desktop/web or mobile user interfaces and testing automation. All according to client needs and specification.


Our software always follows best security practices, by leveraging modern cryptography algorithms and secure ways of communication.


We strive to document each test case which later on is turned into automated tests. Additionally to ensure further stability Before each release we perform manual tests.


CI/CD is important part of our process as it allows us to frequently run automated tests and ensure code quality via automated checks.


Software layer is commonly used to manage and collect data from multiple devices to provide user easy to consume data.

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We strive to follow best UX and accessibility practices to ensure ease of usability and user productivity while keeping visuals up to modern standard. All of this while closely collaborating with clients in regard to their process and requirements.

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Our design process is iterative, during which we closely collaborate with client to provide fastest way from idea to reality.


During implementation we use testing automation with focus on E2E tests to ensure software will be as stable and bug free as possible.


We use modern technologies to ensure software will be scalable, performant and easy to mantain in future.


While developing for mobile devices we follow mobile first strategy to ensure application is responsive.

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