Hardware, Firmware & Mechanical Engineering

As stand alone or part of a software project, our engineers have the necessary experience to deliver exceptional value to (Y)our projects.


Based on your requirements, layer by layer, we will develop the PCB design, define the costs and arrange the production of your device.


Whether you are an amateur or a specialist in the field of wireless communication, we’ll always find a common ground to help you with the project.


Tell us your idea and we will determine the possibilities, price, select the best components for the project and transform it into reality.


We test each designed device in terms of functionality and production quality. If needed, we will organize specialized tests and certifications.

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Firmware plays a vital role in supporting the life cycle of our range of products, right from its inception to the final implementation of the software application.

Meet our firmware specialists


Thanks to our FPGA specialists and their wide experience, we are able to develop even the most complex, cutting-edge devices.


System management and control needs optimized MCU based controllers. Our best specialists will help you with the design and development.


If you want to implement any form of comunication, calculations, signal generating or any other functionalities, we will take care of everything.


Do you want to make sure, that your device will be free of unexpected problems? We design our tests so no bug can slip through.

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